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As seen in the profoundly moving NHK documentary “Kokoro wo Tsunagu Kakehashi” (Bridges Beyond the A-bomb).

“Sumi no Kan-chan” (Kan-chan the Little Charcoal Girl) is a kamishibai (picture story show) created by the 7-year-old daughter of an American diplomat in 1954 Hiroshima, out of the pain she felt about the A-bomb her country had dropped on the city she loved.

60 years later, living in Los Angeles, she rediscovered the kamishibai and made it into this book, with photos and her adult reflections on childhood friendships that have endured over 60 years. It is a story that affirms the power of heart-to-heart connections to build bridges that transcend war and enmity, a message of peace that resonates today.

Originally published in English as “Charcoal Girl,” this bilingual Japanese Edition for the 70th Anniversary of the A-bomb includes special new material. Author Farida Fotouhi lives in Los Angeles with her husband Mike Freehling. She is the President of Reality2, a branding and creative agency in LA.


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